Veera Written Episode

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The Episode commences with Veera telling Baldev that she is yare to espouse him. He hoists her blissfully. She verbally expresses she will verbalize with Ranvi. He smiles and thanks the Lord. Bansuri is shocked aurally perceiving them. She moves and a pot breaks. Veera and Baldev hug and does not visually perceive her. She cerebrates to leave else they will cerebrate she is spying on them. She falls and gets hurt. She obnubilates from them. Baldev and Veera leave. She verbally expresses what will transpire when Veera comes in my home. Ratan does her work in the village and asks the men to commence the work anon. She is tired and visually examines the sun. She sweats and is unable to ambulate. She slips and Nihaal holds her. They have an eyelock.

He verbalizes he will drop her home and optically discern all the work. They walk towards the home. He asks her not to do the work, as he is here. She verbally expresses once Ranvi comes back, he will do all the work. He verbally expresses but he is in Mumbai. She verbally expresses I ken my son, he can’t be ecstatic being away from Pind for long. Ranvi is vexed with Gunjan. Gunjan asks him to verbalize with her. He sits to have food. She asks him to cerebrate music is his ardency. He verbalizes he can do this being in Pind withal, whats the desideratum to stay here. She verbally expresses its needed, everything is here. He verbally expresses affirmative, this is nugatory to me, I optate to peregrinate to my pind, my family. She verbalizes she made friends here and won’t leave.

They argue. He verbally expresses he has booked their tickets and he will culminate his recordings tomorrow. Gunjan cries and verbalizes with Bansuri. She verbally expresses Ranvi has broken all my dreams and he is not verbalizing with me. Bansuri asks her to be good to Ranvi, he wants to come to Pind, let him come, you can take him back to Mumbai, I will avail you. Gunjan asks are you sure. Bansuri verbally expresses yes sure. Gunjan verbalizes fine, I will tell him I don’t have any quandary, so we are peregrinated. Bansuri verbalizes come anon, I require to verbalize something consequential. She ends the call. Bansuri cerebrates she will find the solution of Veera’s quandary.

Ratan asks Chai ji did Veera not come.Chai ji verbally expresses no. Veera comes to Baldev and verbalizes sorry, actually……….. Chaiji tells about Ranvi and Gunjan peregrinated. Baldev verbally expresses good, we will verbalize with him. He hugs Ratan and Chaiji and then goes to hug Veera. Ratan ceases him and they smile. Chaiji asks why is he so blissful today. Veera smiles. Baldev verbally expresses you commence doing espousement arrangements, as Veera has verbalized affirmative. Ratan and Chai ji get jubilant and smile. Ratan hugs Veera. Baldev verbalizes me additionally. Ratan hugs Baldev. She verbally expresses Ranvi has to verbally express yes additionally. Baldev hopes and leaves. Veera and everyone commence preparing to welcome Ranvi. Veera tells Baldev that I hope everything is fine.

Ranvi and Gunjan come. Veera hugs him. Gunjan brings a sizably voluminous bag. Chai ji verbalizes I forgot you will get western habiliments and I feel you peregrinated here perforce. Gunjan verbalizes no, I peregrinated here by my bliss. Everyone smile. Ranvi verbally expresses he was missing everyone and is blissful peregrinating home. He verbally expresses he won’t let Veera peregrinate anywhere. She verbally expresses she won’t go as she requires to verbalize many things. He asks like that. Ratan looks on. Veera verbalizes take rest, then we will verbalize. Bansuri cerebrates Baldev did nit tell me, I will get time to cogitate it, don’t ken when will Gunjan come to meet me. Balwant verbalizes lets go and meet Ranvi and Gunjan. Baldev brings habiliments for his parents. Balwant asks whats this, did you take mazuma from my safe without asking me. Baldev verbally expresses its same if we both spend. He brings shagun sweets and habiliments. Bansuri asks whose shagun. Baldev smiles and verbally expresses I m going to espouse. Balwant verbally expresses what. Baldev verbalizes affirmative, with your benedictions. Balwant asks with whom, who will accede to espouse you. Baldev verbalizes you don’t value me.

Baldev verbalizes no one can be equipollent to this girl. Balwant asks who is she. Bansuri verbally expresses verbalize later. She ceases Baldev from saying it. Baldev verbally expresses aurally perceive me once, cerebrate who it can be. Bansuri verbalizes leave it. Balwant asks who is she. Baldev gives them three hints. Baldev verbally expresses the allusions and then verbally expresses her denomination is Veera….. Balwant is shocked and verbally expresses our Veera. He verbalizes tell me how did she concur to espouse you. Baldev verbalizes why, don’t you trust your son. He verbalizes she dotes me, and I withal dote her, her family is very jubilant, just have to tell Ranvi. Bansuri verbalizes you can’t espouse Veera. Baldev and Balwant optically canvass her shocked.

Written Episode Hum Hain Na Written Episode

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The episode commences with Aarindam aurally perceiving Saagarika and Phubali’s conversation and verbalizes even he is convinced with her cerebrations of getting acquainted with each other and will require some time. Dad comes and verbalizes Sagarika he will not heedfully aurally perceive her and will get her espoused to Aarindam anon. Aarindam verbalizes dad that he additionally needs time and asks Saagarika to take him to a library. Dad gets impressed with Aarindam’s cerebrations and gives 1 week to Saagarika to transmute her decision.

Bunty peregrinates home and gives Ratna’s books. Rani comes down and asks for tea. Ratna asks her to arrange herself. Rani verbalizes if she would not have been arrogant, she would have been espoused long back. Ranta gets doleful aurally perceiving that. Bunty additionally gets irked and verbalizes Rani that nobody misconducts with Ratna and asks her to keep her arrogancy with her, else this house’s people withal ken to misdemean. Rani asks if he will withal misdemean with her. Bunty verbalizes he wants her to well comport with Ratna. Pappu comes and takes Rani from there. Ratna woefully verbally expresses now even Rani is taunting her and verbalizes she will be left unmarried. Bunty endeavors to console her and verbally expresses dad will get a good coalition her. Ratna asks him to integrate her profile on net. Lakshmi verbally expresses our culture will not permit us and people with badmouth about her. She verbally expresses then she will be left unmarried. Daadi asks her to verbalize good. Ratna verbalizes nothing will transpire now.

Saagarika brings Aarindam to a library. He ecstatically goes inside. Saagarika visually perceives Bunty coming in his bike and smiles. Bunty engrasped in thought is about to crash a geriatric lady, but diverts auricularly discerning Saagarika’s shouting. Saagarika asks what transpired to him.

Pappu asks Rani she should not mess with Ratna. Rani verbalizes nobody cares about her and not even him. He verbally expresses he cares her a lot and asks what she wants to have. She verbalizes chinese and frozen dihydrogen monoxide cream. He verbally expresses he will get it.

Bunty takes Saagarika to a brown shop and tells her about the incident transpired at home. She verbalizes Ratna is well edified and she will get an altruistic guy and verbalizes she will integrate Ratna’s profile in matrimonial site. He verbalizes our mom and dad will not accede for it. She verbalizes when we follow incipient technology why not this. He thanks her and holds her hand. She asks him to call her Saagarika in lieu of Saagarika ji, shows him wedded sites. He imagines Ratna dressed as bride. She asks him to stop dreaming and avail her in preparing profile. He verbally expresses he is taking her avail in everything and cerebrates she is made to avail him. She smiles, gets Aarindam’s call and leaves.

Bunty’s friend visually perceives him engrasped in Saagarika’s cerebrations and verbally expresses he has become majnu. Bunty verbally expresses he is Saagarika’s friend now and verbalizes after espousement, Saagarika will take care of her family well. Friend verbally expresses he should cogitate bengali Aarindam. Bunty verbally expresses he is Saagarika’s friend. Friend verbalizes even he is her friend. Bunty asks him to verbalize good. He gets Saagarika’s call who asks him to tell what kind of groom he requires for Ratna to updaete in profile. He tells his cerebration. She verbally expresses he understands girl’s well. He verbalizes he has two sisters and kens girl’s nature, they needs self veneration. She verbalizes she will show him summary in the morning and greets him good night. Dad visually perceives her working on matrimonial website and commences chastizing her.

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The episode commences with Aarzoo’s sisters getting ecstatic visually examining prize mazuma. Zara verbalizes she will get her photo portfolio. Another sister verbalizes she requires computer. Daadi verbalizes she requires LCD TV and will exchange their old one. Arzoo verbalizes she will rehabilitate house roof first. After joining her internship, she will buy LCD and computer later with her salary. A neighbour comes and apprises Nausheen that factory is cooked into razes due to cylinder truck crash and nothing is preserved. Nausheen gets woeful and commences crying aurally perceiving this news.

Sahir visually examines news papers and gets blissful visually perceiving factory’s burnout news. MLA’s wife exalts Alvira, tells her about her daughter’s coalition and admonishes that many lucknow girls would optate to espouse Sahir and will trap him.

Nausheen is doleful about factory blast. Arzoo asks her not to worry as she got a job now. Zara japes to get house adjacent to Salman khan and verbally expresses auricularly discerned him coming topless in his balcony. Daadi asks her not to tall about topless in her house. Parrot reiterates topless topless and everyone laughs. Alvira calls Nausheen and invites her family for eat and verbalizes she will send driver. Nausheen hesitantly concurs. Arzoo asks Nausheen to leave with family while she will comfort factory employees and come there. Daadi tells them about her MIL’s story and everyone laughs.

Nausheen and family reaches Alvira’s house. Girls exalts house that house is like a palace. Servant greets them in. Alvira introduces Nausheen to MLA’s wife. MLA’s wife murmurs that Nausheen has come with her daughters for their coalition with Sahir. Nausheen asks about Arzoo. Daadi verbalizes she has gone to meet factory employee after its blast. Daadi verbally expresses it is purposefully blasted by an arrogant man and verbalizes she will beat him to pulp if she finds him. Sahir aurally perceives that and gets irked. Nausheen reaches Alvira’s house. Sahir in a hurry pushes her and gets into his car. She cerebrates he is very arrogant.

Alvira gives flight ticket to Alvira and asks her to come there tomorrow. She verbalizes Nausheen that she has bought up her daughters well. Nausheen verbally expresses Arzoo did not disunite from her till now. Alvira asks her not to worry about Nausheen as she has dreamt astronomically immense about her. Sisters request Arzoo to get them to Ganjing afore she leaves tomorrow. She accedes and they all 3 relish panipuri, shopping etc. Ay masakali… musical composition plays in the background.

Sisters dolefully asks Arzoo if she will authentically go tomorrow. She dolefully verbally expresses affirmative. Zara asks she got a job which she wanted, then why is she doleful. She verbally expresses she will be blissful when she will call whole family to Mumbai and hugs her sisters emotionally. Zara verbalizes her incipient boss is very sultry. They visually perceive vapors over moon and cerebrate if moon is visually perceived within 1 hour, they will go to Mumbai anon and alacritously watch empyrean. Moon is optically discerned within 1 min and they all three ecstatically shout. Neighbour chastizes them to go and slumber and let her slumber.

Arzoo’s family come to drop her at airport. Daadi gets emotional but verbally expresses she will not cry as her Arzoo will get impuissant, verbally expresses Mumbai is a sizably voluminous city and Arzoo should not get lose her identity there, prays god to bulwark her kid, and hugs her emotionally. Arzoo asks her to take care of Nausheen, not to shrill while optically canvassing cricket, and not to fight with parrot. She concurs. Arzoo then optically canvasses her mom who is in cab and asks her to emerge. Mom additionally emotionally cries and hugs her. Daadi whistles and verbally expresses it is a team hurdle. Whole family hug each other and verbalize thrilled peregrinating. Sahir who reaches airport watches them and checks into airport. Arzoo waves her family goodbye. Family asks her to get car of herself and verbalizes Allah Hafiz.

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The episode commences with …. Jalal discussing jazia in DEK. Ruku urges That he should not abolish jazia. Jodha then offers to pay Jazia for her two babies. Ruku exclaims that one of the babies were hers and so no jazia was needed. Jala then expounds that since a Hindu mother had given birth so the kids were hindu and so they ought to pay jazia. Ruku then urges jalal to convert them to Islam. But jala tells them that just for evading jazia no one would be converted. Ruku then suggests jalal to transmute the rule. Jalal is jubilant that ruku understood him.

Birbal then explicates how ending of jazia would avail them but the maulvies worry how could he equate hindu religion with islam they were different. Other minister explicates that their coffers would be vacuous if jazia was abolished. Jalal then declares That all religions were equipollent and no tax would be levied for their religion.

Later Jodha and Jalal are sitting very proximate arms around each other. Jodha is very blissful that he abolished jazia. Jalal exalts Jo for her efforts. Jodha the gives credits to Mahesh das .. Birbal
She exalts birbal jalal gets exasperated with her for accolading Birbal.

Jodha and jalal are very blissful they apportion their jubilance on being parents of two lovely children they were most ecstatic on this earth. The kids start crying both Jo and Jalal hold one baby in their arms and pacify the kids. Jodha calms the baby facilely but Jalal is not able to pacify the baby. Jodha then takes the other baby from Jalal and calm that baby additionally.

At Birbal’s hojra in the palace his wife is very ecstatic with shehenshah for that resplendent living space and birbal accolades his biwi. Birbal discusses shehenshah’s conundrums that he had solved. Pati Patni spend some close moments.

Ruku comes to hameeda’s hojra . After hameeda culminated namaaz ruku asks her to give her one of the babies accept. Hameeda tells her that the babies were minutely diminutive and they needed their mother. Ruku pleads that the baby would get utilized to jodha and later would not accept any other as their mother. Ruku assures hameeda that she would use a good dai maa for the baby just as Hameeda had done for Jalal. Hameeda verbally expresses that it was her compulsion she had no cull. But ruku is intransigent that it was routine practice to employ dai maas in royal families. Jalal over aurally perceives this conversation and goes to jodha’s hojra and finds her spending blissful close moments with her babies. Jalal reminds jodha that only one of persons babies were hers. Jodha gets upset and weeps. Jalal then reminds her that he had admonished her.

Ruku comes to jodha’s hojra. Jodha then offers Ruku one of the twins .. hussain. Jodha picks up hussain from the cradle she is distraught as she cerebrates of giving him to Ruku. She carries him in her arms and caresses him tearfully. Ruku gets impatient to hold the baby. Jodha gets emotional as she hands over the baby Hussain to Ruku. After ruku gets the baby she cerebrates that she had takes that baby who doted jodha the. Ost just like jodha had takes from ruku her Jalal. Ruku leaves the room verbally expressing hussains room was yare

Jodha is heart broken and weeps. Jalal hugs her and pacifies her. He lovingly tells her that she had done something no other care for could do.

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Read Episode

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The Episode commences with Adi asking Nafisa about Ayesha. She verbally expresses she is not at home. Adi verbally expresses fine. Avantika asks Sawant to utilize his sources and find her. Adi worries. Harish verbalizes with Pankhudi. She asks why did police come, is everything fine. He asks her to take rest. The trio bring Ayesha somewhere and verbalize how they have perceptively managed the police by obnubilating Pankhudi in morgue. Ayesha cerebrates affirmative, preposterous, she came with them, their band will play now as they got Ayesha, not Pankhudi. She cerebrates how she found Pankhudi and took her place. The FB shows the morgue scene. She cerebrates what does they optate from Pankhudi. The trio plan to keep the secret always the secret. Ayesha cerebrates to ascertain and culminate all risks from Pankhudi’s head.

Sawant verbally expresses we checked everywhere, the nurse did not emanate from Diwaan mansion. Adi verbalizes the driver was withal not right. Anuj tells Sheela that Kaira is coming to optically separate Rubel. Sheela worries. Adi asks Saleem does he ken the driver. Saleem verbalizes no, he emanated from my village. Sawant asks where will we get him. Saleem verbally expresses he does not ken anything and asks Adi to expound him. He verbalizes he came suddenly asking for work. Adi trusts him and verbalizes those public are astute. Pankhudi smiles meeting her family.

Everyone come to ask Dr Rustam about Rubel. Sawant gets to knowa bout the van which was purloined, and the people transmuting their car and running. Adi gets Avantika’s call. Avantika asks Adi to come expeditious. Adi asks Anuj and Payal what transpired to Rubel. Payal cries. Adi asks whats the matter. Harish verbalizes iys backbone is broken. Adi is shocked. Harish verbalizes his nerves is damaged and medico verbally expressed he can’t stand on his feet. Adi verbalizes what does this designate, how can this be possible. Sheela cries. Dr. Rustam verbalizes you guys got it erroneous, I verbalized there are chances, let the reports come, I was just warning you.

Adi verbally expresses he wants to meet Rubel. Dr Rustam verbalizes not now. Adi verbally expresses you have to make him fine. He asks him not to worry. Ambika tells Pankhudi that she had a mannat for his instauration. Nani tells Kaira wanted to come, but I left her at home. She asks Bau ji to take care of Pankhudi. Nilofer comes there and confronts Nani about Ayesha. Nani verbalizes this is Pankhudi, let her reposal, we will verbalize outside. Adi comes and Nilofer asks where is my Ayesha. Adi verbalizes emerge, I will expound. Nilofer verbalizes no, tell me here. Nafisa looks on. Pankhudi asks who is Ayesha. Nilofer verbally expresses she is my daughter and….. Avantika verbally expresses she is our family member.

Avantika verbally expresses Ayesha is availing me in work and asks Nilofer not to worry. Nilofer asks where is she. Adi verbally expresses we don’t ken where she is. Nilofer and Nafisa are shocked. Adi verbalizes police will find her. Nilofer verbalizes maybe the goons took Ayesha cerebrating she is Pankhudi. Pankhudi asks what is she verbalizing, who is Ayesha. Avantika verbalizes it’s a verbose story, Ayesha is your look homogeneous. Pankhudi is shocked. Pankhudi asks but where did you get her. Adi verbally expresses first thing is to get Ayesha back. Pankhudi promises Nilofer that they all will get Ayesha back. Everyone smile.

She verbally expresses she will avail the police. Ayesha aurally perceives the people verbalizing about the flat. Sahil gets irate on Sangeeta and verbalizes he is fed up of running. Anshul asks him to not remember everything. Sahil verbalizes I can’t forget that one night. Ayesha auricularly discerns them.

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya Written Episode

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Bhawna attends the call of Raj’s dad, she agnize her as Sangeeta. She verbally expresses that she is Avni’s mother, Raj is diligent. Vikram asks her to tell him that he will be tardy.

Raj comes to stage, and verbalizes that he was astronomically annyed when he first met Avni and was irate when she verbalized with him. Avni and other’s were shocked. Raj verbally expresses it was so, because I wondered why I did not meet thie girl afore. He verbalizes that Avni is the one who woke the good side of me, obnubilated inside myself. Avni gets tear-eyed. She comes to stage, and verbalizes she doesnt have words to verbalize everything after him now. They dance together. Everyone relish their performance.

A car ceases out, Abhaas takes Vikram home. Vikram asks he has to transmute the dress, Abhaas verbalizes he can transmute in the guest-house. Vikram takes a pottery and places it near another such pot. Abhaas comes in, while Anjali and Raj were apprehensive about Vikram. Bhawna goes to take the Pooja items, when Vikram comes downstairs. Bhawna aurally perceives Suket welcoming Vikram, Bhawna turns to visually examine him but he has his back to her. She cerebrates that till now, everything is going fine in Sangeet till now.
Anjali verbalizes that she will bring Bhawna here, Bhawna comes to the pot if Pooja, she visually examines the other jar and cerebrates who else can do the Pooja. Anjali comes to bring Bhawna and gives her that mask for finale perfrmance

They commence the dance putting the masks on. Even Bhawna and Vikram come crosswise to dance together a number of times. The bop ends with Bhanwa and Vikram dancing together. They were about to abstract their masks when Raj and Avni come and verbalize that they will abstract their masks and intoduce world’s two sweetest people to each other. Bhawna and Vikram are shocked to optically discern each other.

Anjali comes to ask Vikram has he become a fan of Bhawna in a first meeting. The family commence to cheer, while Vikram shouts that this wedding can not take place. everybody is shocked. Raj asks his dad what he is verbalizing. Vikram is about to depart, but Raj and Anjali stop him and ask him to stop this jesting. Anjali apologize everyone, that he has a habit of japing like this. She tells Avni to relax additionally.

Suket comes to Vikram, and asks him for dinner. Madhuri takes him to dinner forcefully. Bhawna turns to temple, the candle blows off. Anjali comes to take Bhawna, she verbally expresses that everybody has gone for food and takes her.
Vikram watches Bhawna sit on the dinner table. Bauji offers food to Vikram, and appreciates his broughtup of Raj. Anjali appreciates Avni, while Suket and Bauji gives all the credit to Bhawna. Vikram asks Bhawna where her people lives. They are all quiet.

Qubool Hai Written Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam arouses to find ahil receiving her breakfast in bed. She is surprised, and begisn to get up hurriedly, but he makes her sit saying that he wanted to surprise her, and asks her to get yare and have breakfast, and then gives her something to wear, culling it for her. She is shocked as he asks how she relished it. He asks how this surprise is. She is asked by him to get yare anon, or else they shall be tardy. She asks him to come slong insistently, and he complies by sitting on the bed. sanam verbally expresses that she wants to be grateful him, for all this, as its an astronomically immense deal for her, and whatever he did lastnight, even if its in jest. but he verbally expresses that such games transmuted his life overnight, and felt that, that balloon game was life transmuting for him. she verbally expresses that she kenned that it would work. He asks her to get yare anon, while he cups her look and caressed it, as danam revaks in his attention. He verbally expresses that he wants to make today special and memorable for both of them. He kisses her on the forehead, and asks her to get yare. She is all smiles and gushing. He leaves asking her to get yare. tanveer wonders where sanam is going with ahil, and whats his orchestration, and inculpates it all on azhar’s parents who ruined everything for her, and in vain.

Meanwhile, as customary, azhar’s parents are gorging on food, when tanveer walks in angrily. Tanveer vents out her frustration angrily at azhar’s parents, asking how dare they prevaricate to her. They sais they never prevaricated. Tanveer reminds them the work, that she had agreed them, and commences throwing things at them, and wonders why she abides these good for nothing people, as they are of no avail to her. She tells them that she wont leave them. they stick to her feet and profusely apologise, but tanveer verbalizes that this time they shall certainly be penalized, and shall not be forgiven. She leaves, while they fume.

Scene 2:
Location: Faiz’s residence
Faiz’s aunt is shocked to optically discern a girl, and immediately takes her inside, verbally expressing that she should have admonished her afore peregrinated, even if she called her. She furtively ducks her within a room, but not afore faiz optically discerns them. Inside, the aunt verbally expresses that what she told her is consummately true, and she shall definitely consummate her promises, but the girl would have to heedfully auricularly separate one thing, and thats tyo espouse faiz. she commences smiling, and asks what would she get after espousement. the aunt verbalizes that she would get beyond her prospects, but only when she does precisely what she is injuctively authorized to do, and she may take up him, but she would control this house. the girl excitedly concurs, while his aunt verbally expresses that she had to go through a lot to get haya divorced from faiz, as she maybe auditorily impaired and incoherent, but is very astute, and understands dactylology, and she refuted her always.Faiz is shocked to aurally perceive this from the door, and distraught additionally. He understands that his aunt was behind making haya deplorable in front of her ocular perceivers. His aunt oblivious to all this, claims to the girl, that she made him belive determinately that this auditorily impaired and ukmb girl is playing with his life, and glaots about her conspiracies in getting haya out of his life. faiz gets prodigiously irate and furious additionally, as his aunt’s word perpetuate to disturb him. He breaks the mirroi, with his hands, and wounds his hands. the shattering of the glass gets his aunt’s attention, who’s tensed and scared to optically discern him. Faiz ocular perceivers her anrgily.

Scene 3:
location: Lal Kothi
Razia reaches the lal kothi, to consummate the lady’s first request, who would tell her about seher’s whereabouts. shje enters the pricked walls somehow, and then gets down to plucking 100 flowers, but with much arduousness as she is laced with barb cuts and bruises. just then, she is shocked as she finds the watchman having found her, and endeavoring to catch her, labelling her as a larcenist. razia runs for her life, but her cloth gets fixed in the thorn hedges, and somehow eludes, with her wig having fallen down. She commences lamenting at her fate now.

Scene 4:
Location: Rehaan’s office
Meanwhile, while seher comes in the office, she finds the safe open, and is reminded of the threats of her partners. A unexpected pat on the shoulder startles her, and she finds that its rehaan, who’s surprised to visually perceive her so trepidacious. She gets tensed optically discerning him, as he smiles down at her. An inelegant yet romantic eyegaze follows She

points out to him, that the safe is open, asking him to be more vigilant, as the safe is lying all open, with mazuma exposed. He apologises. He gives her the key and asks her to close it herself. She asks does he trust her like that. Rehaan verbalizes that he trusts her more than himself. He verbalizes that in his world of prevarications, she is only truth in his life. seher is prodigiously tensed and guilty. He verbally expresses that he is frustrated with the web of prevarications in his life, and that he had cerebrated about this course of life only, when she came and transmuted his life overnight, and he wanted to live liberatingly again, as he felt himself at tranquility. He verbalizes that he never thought he could smile and live placidly, but she showed him yet again. She cerebrates that she can understand what he wants to verbally express, but he cant, what she wants to verbalize out loud. He verbally expresses that she has come so proximate to him, that sometime it feels that he cant even live one day without her. she leaves tensed, while he cerebrates that he strength have hurt her with his confession. The display freezes on his tensed face.

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Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s workplace
Smrat is shocked at urmi’s verbal expressions and commences to get exasperated, but she asks him not to shout, as he wouldnt want a scene in his office itself. urmi verbally expresses that she doesnt want to get to this profound shit, but she had to deport tit for tat, to edify him an edification. she asks him what would he recollect. when he doesnt recollect, she again tells him, that the woman he is vilifying all around, is his own son’s mother, and maybe it gets famous or not, he would have to definitely pay for it, and threatens him to stop doing this. she departs, while samrat is furious.

Later, Diwaker’s boss is very blissful to have received samrat’s call, cerebrating that he must have been called for a job. But samrat gainsays for that, and asks about diwaker. the person is all exalts for diwaker, who has taken the company to great heights. Samrat verbally expresses that one instant would transmute everything, and he would get his wishable quantity for that work. The person asks him to assign him as he would be fortuitous to do his job. samrat authoritatively mandates him that tomorrow an astronomically immense chunk of mazuma would go missing from their account and would be found in diwaker’s drawer, implicating him of fraud, misappropriation and debauchery. The self is surprised, and asks how can he cerebrate of trapping his own brother. samrat asks if he is a herald, and asks him to tell if he would do so. The person concurs to do this to please samrat. samrat applauds him for this.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Asha gets a foreigner to the house, and commences reprimanding that man in front of saroj, that he is a Jinn, and then goes on her rant of inanity as customary. the man commences to get regaled at asha’s terrible incoherent imbecility. He cerebrates to put it to his advantage. saroj commences reprimanding asha for doing all this. The man commences to act like a ghost, and verbalizes that she wont leave from here, while asha perpetuates to pester with him. saroj asks him to stop this drama and depart. the man verbalizes that asha has terribly tormented him, hence he would leave only after having been paid the price. he ocular perceivers her jewellery, and asks her to give it to him, along with the mazuma. She commences doing so, while saroj reprimands him, and asha takes her aside and endeavors to verbally express that this is right. She ultimately manages to give the man her jewellery. Saroj is shocked. The man is about to leave when granny comes in hitting the person with the jhaadu, and he drops the jewellery. She drives him off, while he commences imprecating them to have an idiot like this in the house. asha runs from there to her room.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Shaurya asks sushma’s husband to avail him revise his poem, so that he gets admitted in the school. he wards him off. shaurya threatens him to perpetuate vexing him, if he doesnt heedfully aurally perceive and avail him get admitted in the school. The man resignedly accedes to heedfully auricularly discern, while shaurya commences reciting. Just then, a man denominated Mr.Verma comes in with suahma, who she has got, for urmi to get an order for the bar of his son’s day of inception. Just then, urmi comes in tensedly. sushma introduces them and then Verma tells urmi about the assignment, and sushma vouches for urmi’s aptitude and effort. She asks him to be confident in urmi’s ability. urmi asks about the quantity, and he verbally expresses that he requires a 4kg mundane cake. But sushma insists for chocolate, and he accedes. Sushma bargains with him for urmi, and then accedes on Rs. 2500. urmi assures him for quality. he commences to depart. Susham asks him to give an advance, and he gives Rs. 500 to urmi, who’s inundated to be given her hard earned mazuma. He leaves. Sushma takes the mazuma from her, verbalizing that it would be adjusted in the due amount, and asks her to get in front with making the cake.

Bandhan Written Episode

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Scene 1
daroan asks ganesh whom are you obnubilating from? He points at lala. Mahesh asks what are you doing here? Lala comes there and verbalizes they are obnubilating they are larcenist. this elephant peregrinated to my position and glommed my balloons. If you genuinely want to keep nature in your house bind them. darpan verbalizes he is my brother. He laughs and verbalizes tell her that calling him brother won’t make him one. send him back to jungle. prabha verbalizes darpan he is elder. Mahesh verbally expresses I apologize on behalf of them. He verbalizes I didn’t peregrinate here to tell you all this. I have managed some food at the temple on my son’s day of inchoation. Please come there and darpan you additionally. but don’t bring this wild animal.

Dapran verbalizes o ganesh lala is so deplorable he called you animal. you are not wild he is. You didn’t glom the balloons. Why should we peregrinate to his son’r day of inchoation. Dapran verbalizes we have to do something that will break laala’s proud. Ganesh takes darpan with. she verbally expresses where are you taking me? he takes her to temple. she verbally expresses I don’t wanna go is papo’s day of inception. lala verbalizes oh darpan you are here. sit here., Ganesh is obnubilated abaft a truck.

An officer comes to Mahesh and verbalizes you did what others could never do. Mahesh verbally expresses there is motionless some work left. he tells him about vishwas. he verbalizes there is one way to reach him. its his brother.

Scene 2
Lala verbalizes eat everyone. I will nerve my eyebrows if the food gets over.
Lala verbally expresses oh bring some saccharine and bread. Darpan verbalizes so I don’t want more. Lala verbalizes no please eat after that your brain will be sharp you will stop work giant your brother.Ganesh inserts his trunk from the back. Darpan passes him some food. Darpan is smiling. lala visually examines her plate its vacuous. darpan verbally expresses isn’t there more food? Lala asks auxiliaries to accommodate her more. She verbalizes give me more and more. Everyone leaves. darpan is still there. she is accommodating ganesh.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th September 2014 Read Episode

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Molu does online shopping from Jigar’s card. Jigar gets SMS and is shocked to optically discern someone is shopping from his credit card. He aurally perceives kids burden online shopping and asks who utilized his card. Molu verbally expresses he shopped. Jigar asks who edified you this. He verbally expresses Pari.

Pari gets yare wearing chaniya choli, jewelry, etc., like Rashi and asks Kokila how is she looking. Gopi verbally expresses she is endeavoring to look akin to Rashi. Pari optically discerns Hetal woebegone and verbalizes what if Rashi is not there, she is there and asks not to get doleful. Jigar comes down shouting her designation. Pari cerebrates he is mesmerized with her resplendency. Jigar asks how dare she is. Kokila asks what transpired. He verbally expresses Pari is edifying kids to prevaricate. Pari asks what did she do. Jigar verbalizes Pari thought molu to glom his credit card and shop online. Pari verbalizes she just edified molu to shop online but did not authoritatively mandate him to glom your merit card. Kokila asks what was the desideratum to edify kids online shopping. Pari verbalizes technology has transmuted and who will edify them all this if not we. Gopi verbally expresses you edified them to do online shopping, but did not edify what is utilized to shop online. Jigar asks Pari to keep away from his children. Kokila verbalizes Jigar is right and verbalizes Molu she will forgive him as he made mistake first time and asks him to apologize. Kids apologize and leave from there. Kokila chastizes Pari for contravention her trust and verbalizes she cannot be akin to her Gopi bahu and walks out from there while Hetal and Baa follow her.

Pari apologizes Jigar for her error and asks if she is looking homogeneous to Rashi. Jigar walks out from there. Pari endeavors to follow him, but falls with her dressing coming in betwen legs. Gopi holds her and verbalizes Rashi used to tell not to wear heels with chaniya choli as there is a jeopardy of falling. Jigar verbalizes whatever she endeavors, she cannot take Rashi’s place and leaves from there. Gopi verbally expresses she was jubilant that Kokila called her Pari bahu, but Kokila never availed erroneous people and she lost her confidence with her mistake. She verbally expresses if Kokila will ken about her prevarications, she will feel egregious. Gopi visually perceives Jigar crying recollecting Rashi and endeavors to console her by saying kids will feel lamentable if they visually recognize him in this condition. He verbally expresses he cannot forget Rashi and verbalizes he wants to ….. She asks him not to cerebrate of that even in his dream and asks him to be stouthearted. He verbalizes Pari is troubling him a lot. She verbally expresses he has to be valiant for kid’s sake. Pari visually perceives Gopi with Jigar and cerebrates Gopi will not let her go near Jigar. Jigar verbally expresses he will go out as he does not optate kids to optically discern him in this condition. Gopi verbally expresses he is right and asks him to peregrinate home anon.

Pari comes to her room angrily and abstracts her jewelry saying everyone in this house are against her.

Savita reaches Modi bhavan to get donation for navratri festival. Kokila gives her cheque. Savita verbalizes it is woeful this time Rashi is not available and verbalizes her bahus will win dandiya competition this time as Gopi does not have her associate Rashi. Pari verbalizes she is there in lieu of Rashi and will team up with Gopi and win competition. Kokila verbalizes we are not participating this time. Pari instigates Gopi and asks if she is trepidacious that she will pass her. Gopi verbalizes Kokila that she will participate in competition for Rashi’s sake. Kokila concurs hesitantly. Gopi cerebrates with her partcipation she will prove that nobody can take Rashi’s place, not even Pari.

Urmila optically discerns Kinjal silently ambulating around her and cerebrates Kinjal has transmuted and this it is good if she will come back to her home and then cerebrates why will she come back. She gets Pari’s call who apprises that she is participating in dandiya competition and verbalizes it is because of Gopi who told Rashi used to dance very well and this time she will obtain victory, so she took up challenge. Urmila verbally expresses Rashi used to win as Gopi was not there for 8 years and nobody can vanquish Gopi. Pari verbally expresses she will do anything to win competition.