Mahabharat Written Update

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The episode commences with, yudishtirs abhishek ceremony takes place in hastinapur, dritrashtra thrones yudishtir as the king, dritrashtra verbalizes vidhur i always deported impudent with u n so i give u the opportunity to give yudishtir the crown, vidhur verbally expresses thanku maharaj but this opportunity is all of krishna n so lets give him the opportunity, gandhari is apprised about this, she goes to the ceremony n while krishna is abt to place the crown she ceases him, gandhari verbalizes krishna dosent deserve this opportunity, dritrashtra verbalizes its great ecstasy for u that he is doing so, gandhari verbally expresses whatever but krishna is the reason why my sons are dead , i ken he has always fought for the good but he is the one who sanctioned this war, n u krishna optically canvass me , i feel like a helpless mother n in this war the most immensely colossal adharma is done by u n so i curse u , dritrashtra endeavors to stop gabdhari but she dosent she verbally expresses krishna like i had to optically discern my family eradicated u will withal visually perceive ur family eradicate in front of u all the yadavs will go killing eachother for their blood n u will relish a animal rome helpless in forests, n this imprecation of a mother will sure transpire, krishna smiles , dritrashtra verbally expresses gandhari wat have u done how could u curse him, arjun verbalizes mata instead u could have imprecated us to hell , kunti verbally expresses sister u have not done right, gandhari verbally expresses im sorry vasudev but i have visually perceived my 100 sons death, krishna verbally expresses u have not done anything erroneous mata n hugs gandhari , mata i ken ur pain when on warfiled people used to die i have felt each ones pain, im ur adversary mata but im ur friend as well, im the one who gave ashvathama curse n im the one who will bear it im the one who yelled with duryodhans pain so im vasudev krishna accept ur curse mother, n i promise u mata when my familys destroyance will come close i will be the first one to assail with my sudarshan chakra, gandhari verbalizes no don’t do this i have imprecated u in exasperation, krishna verbally expresses no mata ur not erroneous , curse are mystical enchantments are lifes part, kunti verbally expresses krishna u ken ur family is gonna be ravaged n u did nothing, krishna verbally expresses aunty every one has to die someday, my dwarika people are still leaving in there old noetic conceptions n so they have to peregrinate away n now is an incipient era there will be one king one equity n this incipient era will be called bharat rashtra.

Krishna verbalizes mahabharats war n this story symbolises adharmas eradicate n dharma reborn , it tells togetherness is dhramas first step, n how does it cerebrate by urself n it will tell u how.humans heart is always filled with ecstasy love n mazuma, n they thing it is tranquility but quiet is in togetherness in ur family, in ur people, humans eradicate their own ones for greatness but when they learn each engenderment is of gods there is transmutation in humans they commence to learn the true meaning of dharma, till people keep this story of mahabharat there will be no such ravage again, i vasudev krishna mystically enchant u all thank u all to be with me in this peregrination. I pray that we all live with love and togetherness without adharma giving a chance.
Krishna crowns yudistir as the king, yudishtir n draupadi walk to the throne n are throned as the incipient eras king n queen.

Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode

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The Episode commences with Vikram optically discerning Meenakshi in her modern look and being shocked. Everyone seem on and smile. Vikram ceases Meenakshi and asks what are you doing here, whats all this. She verbalizes she is not Meena, she is Meenakshi. She goes inside the house. Bhabho and Babasa come doing acting. Vikram verbally expresses visually perceive Meenakshi, what apparel is she wearing, no ignominiousness at all. Bhabo verbally expresses she is espousing someone else, what can we do now, I can’t chastize her now. Sandhya teases Vikram about Meenakshi espousing someone else now. Meenakshi adorns herself and looks good. Zakir verbalizes with Sooraj and verbally expresses no one believes me now, except Sandhya, my family is paying for this inculpation, I feel good to have good friends like you.

Sooraj verbalizes truth will win come, Bhabho made special dish for you for Diwali. He makes Zakir smile. Taisa taints Zakir for cheating the country and calls him an apostate. Soora forfends Zakir. She verbally expresses she kens what Zakir did, he should be penalized. Zakir gets woebegone. Sandhya comes and forfends Zakir. She verbalizes you don’t have right to verbally express against Zakir. Taisa verbally expresses she has a right, as Zakir has put her behind bars afore. She brings ebony powder to apply on Zakir’s face and Zakir ceases her. He verbalizes don’t dare to call me apostate, and chastizes her. He verbalizes he is veracious man, don’t make me helpless that I leave my veracity. He leaves angrily.

Disha and Prema smile visually perceiving this. Bhabho asks Sandhya not to worry, as they all ken Zakir is veracious police officer. She verbalizes Soorraj got him here to make him ecstatic, but Taisa made him exasperated. A man comes asking for Emily and gives her initial scooty keys. Emily is surprised. Bhabho verbalizes take it, its by Mohit, as Diwali gift. Emily turns to Mohit and smiles. She verbalizes it was not needed. Mohit verbally expresses it was needed, as you peregrinate out for parlour work. She thanks him. He verbalizes lets tell Sandhya and Soorraj to do its puja. Emily asks Sandhya to come.,

Everyone go out. Sandhya and Sooraj do the puja. Misri comes and looks on. Sooraj shows the number plate and shows Rathi. Misri reads in English as the numbers in inversion look as alphabets. Sandhya cerebrates can that code be the number. She goes inside the house and indites down the code. Disha comes and verbalizes she has good news for everyone. Bhabho asks what is it. Disha shows the Dubai ticket for Sooraj, and flight number 2310. Sandhya indites 2310. Sooraj optically discerns the ticket and smiles. Sandhya cerebrates whats this number. Bhabho mystically enchants Sooraj and verbally expresses she is very blissful. Everyone verbalize congrats to Sooraj. Disha smiles and cerebrates his flight will be hijacked. She contemplates the video. Mohit verbally expresses we will celebrate Diwali well. Disha cerebrates just 5 days remaining, as after that the flight 2310 will be hijacked.

Disha asks Sooraj where is Sandhya, give her the good news additionally. Sooraj verbalizes I will tell her. Disha cerebrates Sandhya should ken this, as she is handling RK’s case, she will not ken this flight is a component of Operation Grahan. Sandhya tells SP about code decoded 2310. SP verbally expresses I additionally wanted to tell you, as smartness decoded it. She verbalizes we have to unearth information regarding this number. Prema auricularly discerns this and cerebrates she is keenly intellective and reached 2310 additionally, I have to do something.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Episode

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Jigar tells Gopi that NGO man had called and asked him why did he tell that he is giving 10 lakhs when he wanted to give only 7 lakhs. Gopi verbally expresses she gave him 7 lakhs. Kokila verbalizes earlier jewelry was missing and today mazuma, a plethora of erroneous things are transpiring here. Gopi verbalizes since Pari’s papa came, these clothes are transpiring, he would be feeling lamentable about this. Pari asks Gopi how dare she is to allege her father. Gopi verbally expresses she does not earnestly denote it. Pari commences misconducting with her. Kokila asks her to stop and apologize Gopi. She does and goes back to her room. She then chastizes her father for all the misdeeds he is doing and asks him to get out of her house. He leaves.

Pari tensely calls her papa, but he does not pick her call. Kokila optically discerns her tensed and asks what transpired. She verbally expresses her papa is abducted and kidnapper is asking 10 lakhs. Ahem who auricularly discerns that tells how dare kidnapper is to abduct our guests and asks Pari what did he tell her. She verbally expresses he asked to bring 10 lakhs at nearby temple. Gopi verbalizes we should apprise police. Pari asks if she is not inglorious to tell this and verbalizes she herself will arrange mazuma. She calls her contacts and asks them to arrange mazuma. She then hugs Kokila and verbalizes she is apprehensive about her papa. Kokila asks her to calm down and verbalizes even she is apprehensive about her papa. She asks Ahem to give kidnapper 10 lakhs and get back Pari’s papa and asks Gopi to get 10 lakhs from locker. Hetal tells Kokila earlier jewelry is purloined and now abducting. Kokila verbalizes even she is cerebrating same.

Ahem keeps mazuma at temple and comes back. Pari jubilantly comes back home and calls her pap, but he does not come. Ahem verbally expresses he did as kidnapper told. Pap gets apprehensive about her papa. Kokila asks her to call kidnapper. Her papa comes just then in a distraught state. she jubilantly hugs him. He asks her how did she arrange such a surfeit so anon. She verbally expresses Modi’s gave her. He verbalizes he is not apprehensive about his life, but worried about his daughter. He acts as calling someone and asking to sell his portions in loss and send mazuma. Parag verbally expresses he can recompense them later. Hetal verbally expresses his daughter is like their daughter additionally. Pari hugs her father and laughs.

Kinjal verbalizes Urmila that she requires an incipient fan as her room’s fan is not working. Urmila verbalizes she will not spend mazuma on her. Kinjal verbalizes she will get fan from her room as she already has AC. Gopi calls Urmila and apprises her about Pari’s dad’s abducting and getting him relinquished by giving 10 lakhs ransom. Urmila is surprised to auricularly discern 10 lakhs and apprises about the incident to Kinjal. She then cerebrates she can get 50 lakhs if she abucts Gopi.

Meethi apprises Kokila that both Pari and her dad are missing. Kokila gets apprehensive about them. They both come and dad verbally expresses that they had gone to temple to thank god for preserving him. Pari optically discerns Gopi optically canvassing her and gets irking cerebrating she always keeps an ocular perceiver on her.

Urmila reads astrology that she will get mazuma today. Just then, a builder comes and verbally expresses he wants to buy her chawl. she verbalizes she does not optate to sell her chawl and endeavors to send him out. He verbalizes he will construct dormitory and will give he a 3 BHK dormitory. She gets avaricious auricularly sharp that and lets him in. Builder verbalizes he will give her 10 flats and 1 crore Rs if she will evacuate all her tentants. Urmila ecstatically concurs.

NGO man comes and verbalizes he got 10 lakhs and apologizes for his mistake. Gopi visually perceives kumkum on mazuma which she had sprinkled on ransom mazuma and realizes Pari and her dad made a drama to get those 10 lakhs.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins Written Episode

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The episode commences with, nisha tells everyone that dadi has slumbered n so u can additionally go n slumber now, umesh verbally expresses i will stay with nisha, kirti verbally expresses me additionally, jwala verbally expresses me too,bunty verbalizes me additionally, nisha verbally expresses bunty u have to go n slumber u got school, bunty verbalizes even jwala is aroused , umesh verbalizes jwala n bunty both go to bed now, jwala n bunty leave, umesh verbalizes sorry to nisha n verbalizes uncle ramesh was right u always avail us, nisha verbalizes its ok but its true that i didn’t tell anything to aunty, umesh verbally expresses then who told mom, nisha verbally expresses it was ritesh n that was bcoz of energy pills, umesh verbalizes i wont leave ritesh, nisha verbalizes leave it now, umesh verbalizes im sorry i didn’t trust u on the ritesh topic sorry, nisha verbally expresses i was irate bcoz no one asked me what i went through n this ritesh is so lamentable i didn’t take any step against ritesh bcoz he is our guest n doing anything to him would be a fulmination of dadaji, umesh verbalizes wat is this riteshs quandary, nisha verbalizes ists that he cerebrates im a project or machine which he can acquire victory, ritesh verbalizes i aurally professed all the conversation n its good for u to accept that im the right person for u, umesh verbally expresses ritesh leave here n recollect ur wound hasn’t rejuvenated yet,ritesh leaves kirti goes abaft him verbalizing im going to tell him he is so erroneous n insolent.
Kirti goes behind ritesh n verbalizes ritesh its more preponderant if u leave nishas thought, ritesh verbalizes kirti i thought atleast u will fortify me, kirti verbally expresses i would if nisha relished u but she doesn’t so isolate her, ritesh verbalizes i ken why u are verbally expressing this bcoz u like me n roopan aunty wants me n u to get espoused, kirti verbalizes offcourse ur handsome but brainless how could u cerebrate that i would be abaft a guy whom is been culled for my sister n leaves riteshs room.
Kirti umesh n nisha are sitting, ramesh comes tensed and verbalizes bunty told abt dadi where is she wat transpired, nisha verbalizes she had n panic attack we had called medico n he has asked her to repose, ramesh goes to dadis room n goes to dadi who is asleep n verbalizes im sorry mom its bcoz of me ur going through all this i shdnt have engendered a scene here im profoundly contrite, nisha verbally expresses dad dadi has just slumbered lets go out, umesh verbally expresses uncle ramesh im sorry for being impertinent to u , ramesh verbalizes ur already forgiven n smiles, kirti verbalizes after long time i have visually professed uncle smiling , ramesh verbalizes its bcoz u kids are together n this smile would remain intact if u kids will remain together, umesh verbally expresses uncle we promise we will.
Laxmi gives ramesh a call , laxmi verbalizes ur sounding low, wats erroneous, ramesh verbalizes its just that mom isn’t well but she is ok now n asleep, laxmi verbalizes ur apprising me so tardy, ramesh verbally expresses calm u manage everything there n i will verbalize with u later.
Umesh kirti jwala n umesh decide over a coffee that they will sell all the unutilized things online n buy an early keenly intellective phone for dadi to cheer her up, nisha verbally expresses tomorrow we have to arrange a tea session for vijendra mohan n ramesh with dadi.
At 6 am cousins go to mohan vijendra n ramesh n ask them to come to dadis room if they dote her.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season Written Update

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The Episode commences with Jyoti verbalizing with Sid. He asks how is it placid between you and mum today. She verbalizes your conception worked. She hugs him and thanks him for aurally perceiving and understanding her, withal for fortifying her. He verbalizes fine, where is my gift. She kisses him on his cheek. Ajju asks Kalindi to come. Ankush has a fight with the little kids. Kalindi asks them to stop it. Ankush asks the kids to beat Ajju. Ajju shouts no and runs. Ankush relishes and jumps laughing. Kalindi asks whats this. He verbally expresses they are minuscule kids, they are having fun. Ajju gets beaten by them. He departs.

Niranjan asks Anand to call him after arrangements and they will do the puja once Shlok comes. He optically discerns Astha. She wishes him Happy Dussehra and gives the sonpatti. She bodily contacts his feet and he stands still. She asks him to mystically enchant her to face all iniquity vigorously, and culminate all evil. She verbally expresses good will win over evil. She leaves. Niranjan looks on dazing in doubt of her sudden confident words. He follows her and auricularly discerns her verbalizing with herself. She verbalizes she will show the proof to Shlok and show Niranjan’s truth, then everything will be fine like afore. He comes inside and shuts the door. He asks what transpired, did you get any proof against me, which you optate to show Shlok, even I should ken.

She asks do you have guts to visually perceive the truth. She verbalizes fine and shows him the video. He is shocked visually perceiving his conversation recorded in her phone. She verbally expresses I m worried cerebrating how till Shlok react visually perceiving this, you sent the goons to obviate me from presentation, so that I fail. Now your true face will be out to everyone, its Dussehra and now I will bring your truth to them. Shlok walks to the cabin. Niranjan verbalizes you won’t do this. Astha verbalizes sorry Baba, I will do this, I will culminate your evil today. Niranjan verbalizes you feel you are great after winning one presentation, I will not let you do this, as if anything is against us, its facile for me to expunge that proof.

He asks her to give the phone to him. Shlok walks upstairs. She verbalizes Baba, no one can end me today, I will expose your truth. He walks towards her and she worriedly moves back. He holds her hand. She verbalizes Baba………… Shlok comes in and Astha runs to him verbalizing she has to show him something. Niranjan takes Shlok saying I have to tell you something. Astha goes after them and asks Shlok to visually perceive a video, its exigent. He verbally expresses he can do that later, but has to go with Baba first. He asks Niranjan to verbally express. Niranjan verbally expresses we got Raavan Dahan invitation, I can’t come, you go. Shlok verbally expresses its still much time. Niranjan verbally expresses there are some quandaries, I optate you to go with Anand.

He cerebrates Anand will avail me by taking you away. He asks Shlok to avail the organizers. Shlok verbalizes affirmative. Astha cerebrates Niranjan will endeavor to obviate me from exhibiting video to Shlok. She tells Shlok that she will come with him. Niranjan asks Astha to be akin to a bahu. Astha insists she will come with him. Shlok chastizes Astha asking whats her quandary, she can’t come if Baba is verbalizing so. He verbally expresses Baba, I will depart. Astha peregrinates to her cabin. Niranjan visually examines her. He cerebrates he got preserved now, but he has to do something now. Niranjan comes to Astha and asks her to give the phone.

She verbally expresses she won’t give the phone. She sends the video and he takes her phone. He verbally expresses this proof against me, you can never show to Shlok. He throws the phone breaking it and asks her to beware, else she will be out. Astha verbalizes she sent sent the MMS to Shlok and by now he must have visually perceived it. Niranjan is shocked. Shlok optically discerns the MMS and afore he could open it, Anand asks him to come. Shlok puts phone on charging in car and leaves. Niranjan holds Astha by her neck and verbalizes you magnified mistake. Astha verbally expresses you don’t understand you are making your cognation with Shlok erroneous, you are cheating him, why, if you dote him.

She verbalizes its good day today and Shlok will ken your truth, you are helpless now, you won’t be capable of doing anything now. Niranjan hurts her and someone knocks the door. The peon comes and verbally expresses pandit ji is calling you for puja. Niranjan verbalizes he is peregrinated. Astha runs. Anjali calls the office and Astha takes the call. Anjali verbalizes she is apprehensive for her as her phone is unreachable. Astha verbally expresses I m peregrinating home. Anjali asks is everything fine. Astha verbally expresses I will peregrinate home and verbalize. Anjali verbally expresses she is apprehensive. Astha cerebrates Shlok might have sent MMS till now and prays for bliss in her home tomorrow.

Niranjan calls Anand and chastizes him for verbalizing call tardy. He asks him to stop Shlok from visually perceiving the MMS which Astha has sent, Shlok will be perturbed visually perceiving it which I don’t want, you have to efface that MMS. Anand cerebrates Shlok’s phone has low battery, I have to follow Niranjan’s order and expunge MMS afore Shlok visually perceives it. He endeavors taking the phone. Shlok takes the telephone and checks. Anand verbalizes Sir, the signal got green and Shlok keeps the phone back. Niranjan is apprehensive and asks about Astha. He verbally expresses Astha has run away, no…… He calls and asks the goons to get Astha and kill her this time.

Ek Haseena Thi Written Episode

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The Episode commences with Sakshi asking Rajnath why did he cheated her. He verbalizes what are you verbalizing, what did I do. She laughs and verbally expresses he is going on two week business trip, lets go together, this is cheating that you are going alone, I m coming on this peregrination, I wanted to surprise you, then I mentally conceived lets go together. She asks why is he tensed, and asks him to relax. He smiles and cerebrates if she came lacking telling him, it would have been suicide for him. He verbally expresses Sakshi, Sakshi, what to do about you. He holds his head and verbalizes what will I tell Raima now. Raima adorns herself in western outfits and clicks her selfies. Rajnath calls her. Raima verbally expresses she bought a good outfit for their holiday and she was sending him the pic.

He verbalizes there is transmutation in holiday plan, Sakshi is coming along. She verbalizes what. He verbalizes we have to abrogate this peregrination. She verbally expresses what to do about her. He verbalizes what can I do, I m fed up of her. Sakshi comes and aurally perceives them. She cerebrates she will come in between them, its not good to cheat her, just wait and optically canvass. Rajnath verbalizes life gets intricate, but now Its time to meet Agnihotri. Sakshi throws the flowers which Raima gave her and verbalizes she will decide whether to relish their dirty games, or stop it, you are an idot to cerebrate you will illude me, God avail you both, you won’t get facile death Raima.

Suchitra asks Durga to keep Karwachauth expeditious. Durga cerebrates its fake espousement, Dev will not accede, how to tell aunty. She verbalizes but Dev… Suchitra verbally expresses don’t worry, Dev will fortify you, we will invite Dayal for diner after this. Durga cerebrates she verbally expressed yes for Suchitra’s ecstasy. Rajnath comes to meet Agnihotri. Agnihotri welcomes him and smiles visually perceiving the astronomically immense bag. He verbally expresses he did not make any facsimile this time. He asks him to take laptop and media card and he won’t identity him from now on. Rajnath throws the bag and smiles.

He shoots in air and Agnihotri asks what are you verbally expressing, I don’t have any replica now. I will go very far now from this city. He verbalizes forgive me. Rajnath turns and Agnihotri acts keenly intellective. Rajnath turns and shoots him. Agnihotri falls off the building. Rajnath verbalizes your stars were going erroneous, this was your last case. Rajnath cerebrates thank you Dev, I got this evidence because of you, Shaurya is safe now, I have to get this proof to dispense Sakshi. He calls Mukherjee and apprises about Agnihotri’s dead body. He whistles like Shaurya.

Dev shows the video of Nitya to Payal and she cries. She reacts well and Dev is ecstatic. She asks about Nitya. Dev verbalizes she will come anon. Durga arranges dinner and cerebrates Sakshi is reacting the way I mentally conceived, the fire is on. Sakshi comes there. Durga tells Suchitra that Sakshi was apprehensive in morning. Suchitra asks where is Rajnath. Rajnath comes laughing and verbalizes I m here. Sakshi asks where was he. Rajnath verbally expresses did I miss something. Sakshi verbalizes affirmative, Durga arranged the dinner food today. Rajnath verbalizes lovely. Sakshi asks him to give shagun to Durga. He verbalizes ofcourse and asks Durga to optate her fav diamond necklace.

Durga cerebrates they both are not reacting, how are they comporting mundane. Sakshi cerebrates Raima might be upset and fought with Rajnath, but he looks in very good mood, maybe they made some incipient plan. She asks Rajnath why is he so jubilant. Rajnath verbally expresses we enclosed a deal, its because of Durga, she is auspicious for us. Suchitra asks the coadjutant to call everyone for dinner. Durga cerebrates Sakshi and Rajnath are comporting as if nothing transpired, why.

Rajnath is agog to taste the food. Dev comes and Rajnath visually examines him. He verbally expresses he has to verbalize with him about some deal. Shaurya come sand is irate. He passes a few taunts. Raima calls Kangana and Sakshi asks her to cut the call. Kangana verbalizes why, she is like family. Sakshi insists. Shaurya verbally expresses she is more than our family, right dad. Durga cerebrates Shaurya kens about this, I m sure he is utilizing his dad additionally, he is such a low caliber man. Sakshi is stunned.

Durga gives updates to Dayal. She verbally expresses why is Sakshi not reacting. Dayal verbally expresses she is astute, keenly intellective and opportunistic. Even Rajnath is same, if we ken they are mundane, then we should not be surprised about their deal. She verbally expresses affirmative, we have to peregrinate to our Step 2 now.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke Written Episode

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Gunjan verbally expresses her dialogues, ‘Why should I believe in you, Romeo?’. Mayank is quiet for a while, he closes his ocular perceivers and recalls his life with Gunjan. He looks up, keep his hand on his heart and verbalizes that when you will keep your hand on it, you will ken it beats only for you. Whereever I might be, it beats for you. My life is zilch without you, your ocular perceivers show me the path I ambulate onto. You are the goal of my life, he ambulates up the stairs to her, and verbalizes she must never leave him as he won’t ever leave her additionally. Gunjan looks into his ocular perceivers. He verbalizes it is his queue now. Everyone stands to clap for him. He asks for her hand, she holds it. He takes her down the stairs, as they receive the standing ovation.

The director verbally expresses that they are both culled, as they had the best chemistry.
The boys come to congratulate Mayank, he thanks everyone. Gunjan contemplates what Mayank had just verbalized to her, and was disoriented.

The director asks her why is she feeling so inelegant. He verbally expresses that Romeo and Juliet is an epic love story, there must be great chemistry. Mayank offers to back up, but the director verbalizes that they must stay with each other for a few days. Gunjan verbally expresses she has exams, the director verbalizes he has verbalized with the principal, she must not worry about the exam. He brings them the script. Mayank smiles at Gunjan, and forward his hand introducing himself as Mayank Garg. Gunjan leaves. He comes abaft her, and verbally expresses he belongs to Banaras, where she belongs and suggests she must be from Mumbai. She ceases, he further asks does she emanate from Delhi? She verbalizes Mumbai. He asks her more about her, but she verbalizes she is diligent, he must wait for her in the rehearsal hall. She was about to depart, he holds her hand. She verbalizes how dare he, he verbalizes he doesn’t need any sanction and shows her the nearby lying broken glass. He leaves saying he is waiting in the rehearsal hall.

Rachna verbalizes to Bittu that he is going to get discharged. Bittu hopes KT was there, he must have been very blissful. He verbally expresses she is responsible for all this. She verbalizes they must leave, and tell everyone. Bittu verbalizes only she will return to her family to Banaras, it’s time for his test. He will find KT.

She verbally expresses he won’t peregrinate anywhere, as he requires rest. She verbally expresses the doors of that house have been closed for her for always, as Dayal had verbalized. Bittu incriminates himself. He verbally expresses he kens that the doors never get closed for your own ones. Rachna verbalizes that for a girl, the house is till her espousement.

Dayal watches Rachna’s childhood album. He recalls the pride moments with his daughters and goes to Rachna’s medals. He wipes his tears, and auricularly discerns Rachna calling Papa. She is shocked to visually perceive her standing on the door, she comes inside and asks what is he doing here, was he finding her. He nods. She repines that he must have found her in his heart, as she will always stay there. Dayal accedes; that she will always remain in his heart. He calls her to hug her. Shayl holds his hand and he calls Rachna. He verbalizes he is missing Rachna a lot. Shayl verbally expresses he misses her quotidian, he has sent her away from the house but he has not been able to disunite her from his heart. He verbalizes she was a component of his life, and he himself sent her away. He will not be able to forgive himself, he wonders how she must be.

Rachna brings Bittu to the temple, and verbally expresses it is because of them, whatever has transpired and prays for benedictions. She verbally expresses to Bittu that they must now peregrinate house, but turns to find there is no Bittu. She calls him, and probes for him but he is nowhere to be visually perceived. A boy comes to give her a letter. She reads it, it verbalizes that he doesn’t deserve to verbally express sorry but he kens she wouldn’t have let him leave but it is paramount for him to find KT. He is leaving her ticket along, she must return home; he will come to take her as her sister-in-law.

Gunjan’s friends verbally express that there is something that so many coincidences transpire at one time. Mayank emanates from behind. Gunjan obnubilates under the table, when he passes by she thanks God he has left. he taps her back. She asks what he is doing here. He verbally expresses I dote you, I dote you so much. She verbalizes exculpate me. He verbally expresses he wants to tell her how much she dotes, and wants to show her how much he cares. And she must peek into her heart; she will ken she withal dotes him.

Pavitra Rishta Written Episode

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The episode commences with Ankita getting blissful auricularly discerning mom from Ashi’s mouth. Ashi verbally expresses she came to ken that Ankita is her mother and will be with her from now on. Ankita thanks Sunanda for getting Ashi to her and for coming back. Sunanda apologizes her that she left Rushali to ruin her life and verbalizes she and Naren both adore each other and to cerebrate of reuniting with him and to take a decision anon.

Naren enters store room and commences probing cerebrates cognate to Ankita. He finds his wedding album and commences optically canvassing pics. Sunanda comes there and asks what is he doing in store room. He shows her wedding album. She verbalizes he and Ankita look homogeneous to Lakshmi/Narayan jodi and verbalizes when she peregrinated to this house, she did not relish Ankita but later realized she is taking care of him and being tortured by Rushali a lot. Naren verbally expresses I optate to ken about my past to take a future decision. He verbalizes Ashi wants to stay with Ankita now and he wants ken how was their relationship. Sunanda verbalizes she will tell him about Ankita and his relationship.

Sunanda verbally expresses Naren that he needed Ankita to be with her 24 x 7 and used to take avail in everything and tells him about an incident when Ankita peregrinated to her parent’s house and he went and stood in front of her house in rain whole night. She then tells how Rushali tortured Ankita and Ankita even fought with her for him. She verbally expresses even she sat in burning car for you and silently left when you wanted to espouse Pari. He verbally expresses Ankita sacrificed a lot for me. She verbally expresses he can reunite with her. He verbalizes he visually perceived Ankita taking care of whole family and even Ashi wanting to stay with her. She verbally expresses he dotes her a lot and cares for her. He verbally expresses he just wants her to be ecstatic. She verbalizes his solicitousness is his love for her and verbally expresses husband/wife’s relationship is single and now you both are a baby’s parents. He verbalizes he does not have anything to give to Ankita. She verbalizes he can give back her self-reverence and dignity and asks him to ask ankita once, she will blissful accept you back. Naren’s inner voice verbalizes with him and argue if Ankita still dotes her or not and to give her self-reverence, he has to espouse her. His good inner-self asks him to remarry Ankita as she is his child’s father. Evil one asks him not to be a dunce. He gets discombobulated auricularly discerning both and asks them to stop saying he kens what to do. He calls someone and verbalizes he wants to meet her/him right now.

Pari meets Naren and apologizes him for her mistake, asks him to give her one more chance, now that they got back their house and company, they can commence afresh, verbalizes now Ankita took back Ashi, they can adopt a child, verbalizes he can meet Ankita whenever he relishes, etc. She asks him why is he silent, verbally expresses she bought her bags and asks if Ankita left the house and if not she will go in some time. Naren verbalizes how can she be so selfish and wants only mazuma while Ankita wants only people, it is Ankita’s house now and asks how can she dissever his daughter from her, asks if she can live with him in a hut. She asks what does he betoken. He gives her divorce ID and asks her to sign them.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Episode

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The episode commences with corporator asking Sarla to vacate hall in 30 minutes and take all her items from there and verbally expresses he cannot visually perceive her loss as he is an altruistic man. Servant verbally expresses if he is a benevolent man, he would not have endeavored to break their espousement hall. Corporator verbally expresses they are relishing govt’s land and he will not let them relish more. He asks Sarla to get him espoused to bulbul to get back her espousement hall. Bulbul verbalizes she will slap him again if he verbalizes about espousement. He gets irked and asks his men to commence bulldozer. Aaliya and Tanu reach their and get jubilant visually perceiving Pragya’s helplessness. Tanu verbalizes she is ecstatic visually perceiving her helpless. Daadi forms a human wall with her relatives and verbalizes corporator that he has to crush them to reach their espousement hall. Aaliya cerebrates why is corporator not commencing bulldozer and cerebrates once bulldozer comes, they will run away. Corporator asks his man to commence bulldozer and verbalizes Sarla that he will count till 10 and if they don’t leave from there, he will crush them additionally along with hall. He commences counting.

Abhi reaches the spot and spots bulldozer. He commences his acting and amasses people. He asks corporator how can he start the drama without rockstar and verbally expresses the authentic drama will commence now. Tanu verbalizes Aaliya that Abhi must have come to relish optically canvassing Pragya’s helplessness. Aaliya verbally expresses she is right. Corporator verbalizes Abhi if he would have told him afore, he would have arranged a special seating for him. Abhi verbally expresses he will perform now and asks him to take a seat. Corporator gets confounded. Abhi verbally expresses he cannot break kumkum bhagya marraige hall. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked to auricularly discern that. Even corporator is stunned to auricularly discern that and asks what does he denote. Abhi verbally expresses if Pragya does not optate it to be broken, then nobody can and gives corporator stay orders, verbally expresses it is stay and aegis order. He gives it to Pragya once he reads it. Pragya reminisces Daadi telling her that Abhi will fullfilll his responsibilities and will not let her down.

Abhi asks corporator to get out now. Corporator asks him how did he get stay order at this time. Abhi verbalizes he is a rockstar and people die to take pic with him, he just utilized his popularity just like him to get stay orders. Corporator verbally expresses he will repent and asks why is he availing these cheapsters. abhi asks him not to tell insult them. Corporator verbalizes these people are prostitutes and espousement hall is just a showoff. Abhi gets irked and endeavors to slap him, but inspector holds Abhi. Corporator commences reviling Bulbul, Pragya and tells they are immensely colossal prostitutes, etc., verbally expresses he is a dunce to espouse Pragya. He then verbalizes Sarla is immensely colossal pimp and handles this business alone. Abhi asks him to shut up. Corporator then insults Daadi and verbally expresses he is the most sizably voluminous pimp and is the increasing figure. Abhi commences punching corporator and beats him. Corporator even while getting lashed laughs and asks Abhi why did he espouse a prostitute. Abhi gets more exasperated and hits him with a rods and endeavors to break plant pot on him, but Pragya ceases him. Corporator signals inspector to apprehend Abhi.

Inspector endeavors to apprehend Abhi, but Abhi commences beating police. Inspector verbally expresses he will edify him edification now. Pragya requests inspector not to apprehend him. Inspector forcefully apprehends Abhi and leaves. corporator laughs at Bulbul verbally expresses he got lashed by Purab first and Abhi now an dsays he is an eunuch to coerce himself and asks him to become homogeneous to Abhi first and then show his face.

Jamai Raja Written Episode

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The episode commences Roshni and Resham reaching Sid’s house where Resham’s spiritual bellwether/baba is performing pooja. Resham gets mesmerized visually examining the lavish house. Roshni unconsciuosly enters house without her erudition. They both do not descry Simran performing pooja. Rehsam shakes her and she gets conscious. She then registers her designation on the log book. Pooja commences with Raj and Simran performing pooja and Roshni and Resham join them with other people without descrying them. Simran prays god to let her be with her son and bahu as she cannot live without them. Roshni thanks god for giving her Sid as life partner and prays to set him liberate from DD’s debt.

DD asks Naani about Resham and Roshni. Naani verbalizes they have gone for a pooja and verbally expresses at least Roshni is more religious than her. She taunts her that Sid will set her right now.

Simran shows aarti to all guests, but afore Roshni could descry her she gives aarti to her auxiliary and turns back, they both don’t notice each other.

DD asks Kesar to send him detail about her client Wadhwani. He auricularly discerns dihydrogen monoxide in lieu of Wadhwani. He verbalizes he optically discerned their incipient coadjutant prerna at a shop. DD japes that even she visually perceived Akshay kumar and shows him a magazine. She then asks him to get back to work.

Roshni optically discerns Raj there and is about to call him, but coadjutant drops kumkum on Resham and she they both stop clearing it. Roshni takes her to wash room and visually examines house punctiliously. Simran and Raj visually perceive her and get apprehensive that Roshni is peregrinating towards their family photo. Resham emerges from washroom and they both leave. Simran verbalizes Raj that god sent Roshni on first day of navratri. Raj verbally expresses it is good she did not visually perceive us, else Sid’s hardwork would have gone in vain.

Simran apprises Sid about Roshni reaching their home but not optically discerning them. He thanks god. Roshni optically discerns him peregrinating home early and asks about it. He verbalizes just like that. Naani comes there and tells them about garba festival. She taunts Sid that he will take Roshni and not her. Sid exalts Naani that she is very pulchritudinous and will go with her. Naani then verbally expresses he should go with Roshni. Roshni verbally expresses she will not go and gets doleful. Naani asks her to forget about past. Roshni verbalizes how can she. Sid asks what are they verbalizing about. Roshni asks naani not to tell Sid anything and walks out. Naani tells Sid that Roshni wanted to participate in garba competition with DD and enrolled their designations withal, but DD did not reach the venue, leaving Roshni woebegone. Sid verbally expresses he will transmute Roshni’s mood and convince her to take part in garba participation.

Sid and roshni are diligent checking recipes on net. Raj and Simran reach DD’s home. Roshni gets jubilant optically discerning them. Simran verbalizes she wants a favor from her, verbalizes she may not oblige to her ordinant dictation so she will take naani and Mona’s avail. Roshni asks what benefit she requires. Simran verbally expresses she requires to learn garba from her. Roshni woefully stands still. Simran verbalizes she kenned Roshni will not avail her, verbally expresses she tought she will additionally learn garba as her bahu is gujrati but is disheartened now and asks Raj to take her back home. Roshni ceases her and verbally expresses she will edify her graba and withal participate. Simran verbalizes she does not optate to coerce her. Roshni verbalizes she left garba for one mother and will commence it back again for another mother. Simran thanks her and shows thumbs up to Sid. Naani visually perceives them and thumbs up.